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Hospital officials: More flexibility needed / Private partnerships, programs seen as options in face of massive deficit

Source: By CLAUDINE SAN NICOLAS, Maui News (HI), August 13, 2008

WAILUKU – Maui Memorial Medical Center executives joined the Hawaii Health Systems Corp. on Monday in calling for a $62 million legislative bailout and a new law giving the public acute-care hospitals new options for governance and planning for the future.

…….. In referring to costs of contracts for workers represented by the Hawaii Government Employees Association and the United Public Workers, Driskill said he has no intention of breaking up the unions or their collective bargaining agreements.

…….. Lo said connections with HHSC and the state system make it difficult for the Maui Region to negotiate possible revenue-generating alternatives such as public-private partnerships, joint operating agreements and leases with private entities for use of what are considered public facilities.

…… The concept includes a proposal to the legislators to allow the acute-care hospitals in the HHSC system to form a separate corporation while maintaining the new regional boards that allow each region to deal with the community “in their own way,” he said.