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The pros and cons of private prisons

Source: Columbus on the Record – 1-7-10

Discussion on prison privatization begins at 11:25

From the summary:
The dominant argument for private prisons is that they will save taxpayers money, as for-profit owners have an incentive to seek efficiencies bureaucrats overseeing government institutions lack. Anyway, that’s the theory.

According to the Arizona Republic, the reality is that private prisons in the Grand Canyon State so far cost more on a per-prisoner basis than do public institutions. Some experts contend that firms in the prison business reap profits by billing government for rather more than their initial lowball estimates while scrimping in ways that may make prisons less secure.

The perverse incentives of private prisons
Source: The Economist, August 24th 2010
Headline News: Governor-elect John Kasich’s choice to head Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Source: WKSU, Wednesday, January 5, 2011
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