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Springfield School Committee considers return to in-house custodian crew

Source: Peter Goonan, The Republican, May 11, 2011

SPRINGFIELD – The School Committee will consider going back to a full, in-house custodian crew to clean the schools, which would end the use of a private firm hired five years ago by the state-imposed Finance Control Board….Timothy J. Plante, the School Department’s chief financial officer, said the use of an in-house crew, when considering all factors including health insurance and other fringe costs, would still save an estimated $268,340 a year.

Currently, the city has a hybrid system – using S.J. Services, doing business as EduClean, for after-school custodial services, and a smaller crew of city custodians during the day. The current, five-year contract with EduClean expires June 30, but might be extended three months to help with the transition, officials said….Under the proposed plan, the city would employ 200 full-time custodians, 24 part-time custodians and three supervisors, covering daytime and nighttime shifts. The annual cost, including the fringe costs was listed as estimated at $11,954,744.

County authorizes OTC to take over janitorial services ahead of employee layoffs

Source: Daniele Camilli,, Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MOUNT HOLLY — The county Freeholder Board authorized the privatization of building janitorial services at its meeting tonight. The move was expected and comes about a month before the planned layoff about 37 union Building and Grounds Department employees as part of the board’s ongoing cost-saving efforts. The $1.8 million contract with the private, nonprofit Occupational Training Center of Burlington County in Westampton will run from May 16, 2011 through May 31, 2013. Freeholder Director Bruce Garganio said the move from union workers to a private company would save the county about $500,000….

…Additionally, the county plans to layoff about 6 employees in the inmate-records unit at the Burlington County Jail. The county is also looking to outsource the work of that unit, officials have said.

PCI contract might mean more pink slips in USD 204

Source: Melissa Treolo, Chieftain, April 12, 2011

Over the next school year, USD 204 could save $180,000, says facilities director John Scheurer. But that savings might come with a hefty price: The jobs of several district custodians….Scheurer said the district currently pays about $787,000 annually to clean the district buildings, and that includes about $405,000 in salaries for the 12 custodians, $347,000 for the current contract with PCI and about $35,000 in cleaning supplies at BSHS and BSE. He said the district could expect to see a savings of $180,000 in the 2011-2012 school year if the board approves PCI’s proposal, which offers a discounted rate for adding all five schools. But that might be a big “if” come Monday night. Board member Dave Pierce said losing any more staff members due to budget cuts would be a difficult pill for him to swallow.

Superintendent still looking to outsource services

Source: Sean Kinney,, April 02, 2011

Despite no takers in the Monroe County School District’s effort to privatize food service, Superintendent Joseph Burke said he would pursue other opportunities at privatization.

At the beginning of March, district staff released a request for proposals seeking to bring in an outside firm to operate and manage food service in schools Keyswide. Food-service workers (there are 47) rallied to preserve their jobs, pleading with the School Board at its March 8 meeting to retain the service in-house. Three firms — Sodexho, Chartwell’s and Aramark — had expressed initial interest, and executives with them were even taken around the Keys schools on a charter bus for which the district paid $2,700. But none of the three returned bids by the March 29 deadline….

…But Burke said his staff is considering issuing another RFP seeking companies that could take over custodial and groundskeeping services for the district. Those functions are now done by 75 custodians and nine groundskeepers, district Human Resources Director Cheryl Allen said.

Brewer hires cleaning company to replace school custodians

Source: Nok-Noi Ricker, Bangor Daily News, April 04, 2011

The issue was the last item on the school board agenda and no public comments were made before the panel voted unanimously to hire ServiceMaster to clean the new 156,000-square-foot, two-story Brewer Community School, a pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade school that will open in the fall.

The cleaning contract eliminates the need for six of the school department’s 12 custodians and will save around $100,000 annually, Superintendent Daniel Lee told the group of around 50 at the meeting before the vote.

Tulsa City Hall puts building maintenance out for bid; city workers among those competing

Source: Brian Barber, Tulsa World, April 3, 2011

The city will begin advertising for bids this week for building maintenance at City Hall – and among those who will compete are the city employees who now do the job. Such “managed competition” is part of the city’s effort to implement findings of the KPMG efficiency review of Tulsa’s government. Pitting employees against private firms in a bidding process to lower the city’s costs and become more efficient is recommended for about 200 government services. City Hall’s building maintenance group, with 11 employees, is first up….

…The management contract is now $102,000 annually, said Vickie Beyer, who heads up the city’s Management Review Office, which is vetting and helping implement the KPMG recommendations. Building maintenance employees, however, will be bidding only on their current function, not the management portion, she said.

The Working Unemployed: Custodial Staff Not Told Before Outsourcing Vote

Source: Keith Brown,, March 16, 2011

District voted last week to outsource custodial services without telling custodians, union presidents says.

The Board of Education on March 8 voted 8-1 to introduce a tentative budget that at least temporarily shelved a plan to shutter West Belmar School, but opted to privatize custodial services. The move is expected to save the district close to $1 million. Board member Laurie Cannon cast the only vote against….Habel has said the $65 million spending plan is malleable and could be changed up to the March 29 public presentation….

Bedford school custodians targeted for cuts by state audit

Source:, February 28, 2011

An audit by the state comptroller recommends that the Bedford Central School District could save $712,000 by cutting custodial staff and reducing overtime hours by using part-time workers and stricter controls. … As for the $712,000 savings, Betz said it’s not possible to cut the amount of staff suggested because the custodians have many other duties besides cleaning schools.

Opinion – Privatizing school maintenance will hurt services

Source: John Brazee, Jackson Sun, Voices and Views, February 23, 2011

The Jackson-Madison County school system is about to be lured into more privatization by hiring an outside maintenance company to save money. But it’s really being used as a smokescreen for reducing the quality and level of services. Private, for-profit companies making a profit on public tax dollars generally do it by reducing services. How anyone can think that they will get the same service, save money and allow a company to turn a profit is just amazing