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Chico Animal Shelter to continue offering animal control and sheltering

Source: Dani Anguiano, Chico Enterprise-Record, March 26, 2018

The city of Chico will keep its animal control and shelter services in house. In December, the city announced it would re-examine contracting out those services and requested proposals from local groups to see what other providers could offer in regard to animal services and if that could help improve practices or cut costs. Butte Humane Society and Friends of the Chico Animal Shelter submitted proposals in response to the request, and supporters and representatives from those groups passionately made their case in letters to this newspaper and City Council members. City Manager Mark Orme made the determination not to recommend outsourcing animal control and sheltering services at this time, he said, and the matter will not come before the council unless requested. That is standard practice, Orme said, adding that one aspect of his job is to examine the viability of operations in the city on a continuous basis. …


Letter: Animals deserve care offered by city government
Source: Sarah Downs, Enterprise-Record, December 14, 2017

Recently an article was published in the E-R regarding the city considering contracting out animal shelter services in the hopes of saving the city money. However, it took seven years to gain control of the shelter from the Butte Humane Society, and it wasn’t entirely to save money. BHS ran the shelter for over 25 years, and there were big problems regarding animal care and general operations and costs. Since the city took over, the shelter has been run cleanly, efficiently, with a high level of care, and the euthanasia rate has plummeted. It’s been five years since the city took over, and I think the operations are something we can be proud of. … Finally, historically speaking, relations between BHS and the city have often been strained. With all of the information I’ve personally been able to gather, it seems contracting out to BHS would result in resorting to old practices causing a detriment to the animals of our community. …

Chico Animal Services, Animal Control could be contracted out
Source: Ashiah Scharaga, Enterprise-Record, December 1, 2017

The city could be contracting out the services at the Chico Animal Shelter, as well as those provided by Animal Control. City staff will start gathering program proposals this winter and present everything to the City Council in the coming months, according to Assistant City Manager Chris Constantin. … The city may chose to contract out all, some or none of the services, and the decision will ultimately rest with the City Council. Animal Services Manager Tracy Mohr said the city animal shelter has done a fantastic job of reducing euthanasia rates and having positive outcomes for animals. … Four years ago, the city considered contracting out services at the shelter and many other departments when the city was not as financially stable. …

Hempstead Town puts out bid for animal trainer for dogs

Source: Stefanie Dazio, Newsday, March 29, 2018
The RFP is the latest in recent weeks to be issued by the town and is part of several changes at the Wantagh animal shelter. Supervisor Laura Gillen previously put out an RFP that could lead to privatizing part of the shelter and the town’s animal control services. Gillen has also moved to install additional security cameras at the shelter, a move the Civil Service Employees Association Local 880 has questioned. …

Kansas City to consider outsourcing animal control to KC Pet Project

Source: Charlie Keegan and Sarah Plake, KSHB, November 29, 2017
At a Wednesday meeting, Kansas City council members discussed the feasibility of outsourcing the responsibilities of the city’s animal control division to the KC Pet Project. This summer, an internal audit highlighted a lack of oversight and organization within the Animal Health and Public Safety division. For example, if you called the agency about an animal cruelty case, there might not be any follow-up because the audit says the department doesn’t keep track of its investigations. City workers spoke out against the merger two council members say will help things run smoother. … A union representative with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 500 said talks of outsourcing shouldn’t even be taking place. …

Pennsylvania municipalities and utilities benefit from privatization, says Moody’s

Source: Paul Burton, Bond Buyer, August 15, 2017 (subscription required)
Pennsylvania municipalities and regulated investor-owned utilities will benefit from legislation removing hurdles for local governments to sell water and wastewater systems, Moody’s Investors Service said.  Moody’s in a report Tuesday projected more privatizations. Municipalities within the commonwealth Pennsylvania see utility sales as a way to cope with financial distress and sidestep maintenance and compliance costs.  The report examined the $195 million sale of the Scranton wastewater system and the pending $162 million sale of the McKeesport wastewater system outside Pittsburgh to the Pennsylvania-American Water Company. Regulators must still approve the latter. …

The pros and cons of privatizing the Montclair Animal Shelter

Source: Nicholas Katzban and Lisa Marie Segarra, North Jersey, October 6, 2016

Following a disastrous fire this past April, the Montclair Township Animal Shelter building on North Willow Street was deemed unfit for entry, and its future seemed vague. Though shelter operations have long since returned to the building with limited access to certain floors, contractors have worked tirelessly to return the shelter to its original state. However, at a recent council meeting, acting Township Manager Timothy Stafford said that he is looking into whether or not the best option for the municipality would be to privatize the shelter, handing its operations over to a third party. … At present, there are three feasible scenarios: One in which the township hires a new director and continues to manage the shelter through its Department of Health and Human Services, one in which the township outsources shelter management to a third party, but leases the refurbished building to that group so that the shelter stays in town, and one in which both operations and management are outsourced to another party and location. … Katz said she’s concerned that the township has not reached out to the committee for input, and worries that decisions regarding animal welfare are being made purely on a financial basis. She acknowledged that some of her concerns stem from previous attempts to privatize the shelter by former Township Manager Marc DaShield, which she described as a “secretive process.” …

Animal shelter using Facebook to highlight population

Source: Selwyn Harris, Pahrump Valley Times, July 29, 2015

Nye County Emergency Services Director Vance Payne said the use of social media by the animal shelter is helping match lost pets with their owners. Payne recently gave permission for Nye County Animal Control officers to use the medium to alert the community on lost or stray animals, and the effort is now paying off. … The action was prompted by the decision of Tails End Animal Shelter officials who canceled their contract with the county on June 30, forcing county officials to scramble in order to keep the facility running orderly. … Payne also said since the county resumed operations, the facility appears to be running more smoothly than ever. Additionally, Payne said his department is making extra effort to address the situation at the shelter…

Local public-private partnerships are too private

Source: Allen Johnson, Greensboro News & Record, August 11, 2015

The sad news about allegations of abuse at the Guilford County Animal Shelter is disheartening in itself. But there is also a familiar pattern here – of a public-private partnership gone wrong for lack of openness. … But the bad news is a recurring problem with the public-private model in transparency and accountability:
1. The civil rights museum collecting financial documents at the end of board meetings and keeping those meetings closed to the public.
2. The performing arts center’s reluctance to release financial information in a clear and timely manner.
3. The nonprofit United Animal Coalition, which operates the Guilford County Animal Shelter, until very recently closing its meetings to the public, even as it gets more than $1.5 million a year in county tax money.


Guilford, Davidson County animal shelters involved in law enforcement investigation
Source: WXII12, August 7, 2015

Two Triad animal shelters are involved in an ongoing investigation into possible animal abuse and federal violations. Guilford County officials said Friday afternoon that a search warrant was served at the Davidson County Animal Shelter on July 23, and another search warrant was issued at the Guilford County Animal Shelter on July 30. Both shelters are run by a Greensboro-based nonprofit called the United Animal Coalition. Guilford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips said the possible federal violations involve the DEA. … Phillips said that, for months, commissioners have received complaints alleging abuse, a toxic work environment and nepotism from current and former employees and volunteers at the shelters.

Roswell looking for private company to run animal shelter

Source: Cheyenne Cope, KRQE News 13, July 20, 2015

After months of controversy and criticism regarding how the animal shelter is run, the city of Roswell has decided to look for a private company to run the shelter….“We want to embark on this relationship with those who are passionate about animals. I believe we can work together, a public-private partnership. Provide the level of service that the community wants and that the animals deserve.” said Kintigh. The city will still employ and oversee animal control officers….Janet Madsen is part of a rescue group in town called From Forgotten to Forever. She thinks there are plenty of things that need to change at the shelter. “The healthcare and the cleanliness and the fact that so many of them that we pull come out with kennel cough and different diseases. So I think they should vaccinate. There are several things that they should do releasing dogs,” said Madsen.

Genesee County commissioners back off proposal to privatize work at Animal Control

Source: Ron Fonger,, December 5, 2013

It took months for the county to develop a request for proposals to operate its Animal Control the Department shelter. But now it’s not at all certain that the Board of Commissioners will even solicit proposals for the work — let alone entrust it to a contractor. Commissioners deadlocked in a 4-4 vote Wednesday, Dec. 4, on issuing the proposal request for shelter services, including maintaining the grounds and shelter building and euthanizing animals.

Proposal for privatizing Genesee County animal shelter heads to commissioners
Source: Ron Fonger,, December 2, 2013

The county has developed a request for proposals to operate its Animal Control Department shelter, but the Board of Commissioners still has to decide how far to take the privatization experiment.

Months in the making, the county wants proposals to provide shelter services, including maintaining the grounds and shelter building and euthanizing animals.

The request doesn’t specify whether the contractor should or should not offer to provide the four road officers who make up the bulk of the department. …

…Angelo said some of the problems with the request: requirements for carrying various types of insurance and requiring that the winning bidder have “significant experience” in running a similar shelter are not realistic….

Baker County Commission nixes most proposals of privatizing county services to help budget

Source: Jim Schoettler, Florida Times-Union, May 21, 2013

The Baker County Commission decided Tuesday to pursue privatizing its vehicle fleet as a way to help fill an anticipated budget gap, nixing any changes in public works, solid waste, animal control and emergency medical services….Commissioner Jimmy Anderson, speaking before a room packed with public works employees, said county employees cared more about where they live compared to someone working for an outside company. He said that tie and their overall work ethic made privatization of most services unnecessary. Thompson said any savings a private public works force would provide would make no difference to the budget since that department’s funding can’t be used to pay down debt. The commission told Thompson to pursue his discussions with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to privatize the county’s fleet through replacing aging county vehicles at an estimated annual savings of $65,000….