John Oliver: Failing Charter Schools May Ruin Kids’ Futures

Source: Mike Brown, Inverse, August 22, 2016

In the U.S., there are 6700 charter schools with nearly 3 million students, and charter schools operate in 42 states plus the District of Columbia. The schools are privately run, but take money from the taxpayer. Charter schools receive approximately $7,000 per enrolled student, and the lack of oversight in some states leads to disastrous outcomes. The thing is, when a school fails, it’s completely different to when a business fails. “The problem with letting the free market decide when it comes to kids is that kids change faster than the market,” Oliver said. “By the time it’s obvious that a charter school is failing, childrens’ futures may have been ruined.” Two years ago, an investigation in Florida found that since 2008, 119 charter schools had closed, 14 of which never even finished their first year. “14 schools in Florida were outlasted by NBC’s Mysteries of Laura!,” Oliver said. … That’s not even taking into account online charter schools. “Some have an attendance system you would not fucking believe!,” Oliver said. These schools account for around 180,000 students, which would mean around $1 billion of taxpayer money goes to these schools. Some of these schools don’t require kids to even attend, but as states typically require attendance records, the school simply declares that 100 percent of students had perfect attendance.