The Daily Grind could be affected by Student Stores privatization

Source: Cailyn Derickson, Daily Tarheel, February 5, 2016

On Jan. 11, UNC released a request for proposal, known as an RFP, inviting outside companies to propose to privately manage Student Stores — and the Pit coffee shop is referenced in the document. Brad Ives, associate vice chancellor for campus enterprises, said The Daily Grind is mentioned in the RFP because it is a privately owned company that has an existing contract with the University. … In September, Matt Fajack, vice chancellor for finance and administration, said if the proposal from one company, Follett, to privatize Student Stores went through, The Daily Grind wouldn’t be affected. …


UNC student store could be outsourced to private national company
Source: WRAL, November 30, 2015

A proposed new deal at UNC-Chapel Hill would cost nearly 50 state employees their benefits and possibly their jobs. UNC is considering outsourcing the student book store on campus, but employees and students said the deal is concerning. … If a company takes over, 45 full-time employees would lose their benefits. Paul Cardillo said the book store does not cost tax payers a dime. “All of our salaries are paid out of store revenues and all of our benefits are paid out of university fees that we pay to the university from store revenues,” he said. Anything left over goes toward education. … As part of the deal, Follett would pay UNC an annual commission of at least $3 million and then put $2.5 million toward renovations and $200,000 toward marketing each year.

UNC Student Stores might be privatized
Source: Sofia Edelman, The Daily Tarheel, September 17, 2015

Two months ago, Follett, a company that owns more than a thousand student stores nationwide, submitted a proposal to lease the traditionally University-owned store, said Matthew Fajack, vice chancellor for finance and administration. … If Follett leases Student Stores, the company could pay a $3 million annual commission to the University, invest up to $2.5 million in renovations and attempt to decrease textbook costs by several million dollars, according to a proposal submitted by the company. … Longtime employees who depend on Student Stores for their retirement funds will also be in danger of unemployment. Fajack told employees about the offer at a Wednesday meeting. … Fajack said if this proposal goes through, the Daily Grind Espresso Cafe, post office and soon-to-open pharmacy in Student Stores would not be affected because they are already privatized to a degree. Bull’s Head Bookshop, however, would be affected.