Warren County looks at privatization of road paving

Source: Don Lehman, The Glens Falls Post Star, August 29, 2015

The county’s 10-year-old paving machine has been knocked out of service in recent weeks by mechanical problems, issues that arose during the paving of Hadley Road in Stony Creek and will require repairs to weeks-old pavement. A new replacement machine costs at least $300,000. … Warren County Public Works Superintendent Jeff Tennyson said privatizing the paving operation was explored several years ago, and it was determined it would not save money but would cost 20 percent more when all the labor and oversight was factored in. “It would definitely be more expensive,” he said. Tennyson said the crew knew that the paver was having mechanical trouble on Hadley Road, but with loads of hot blacktop waiting in trucks at the job site, the crew decided it had to be put down instead of wasted. Problems with the paving machine have accounted for most of the quality issues, he said. The county DPW is doing about $2 million in paving projects on county roads this year, most of it funded by state highway aid.