Are nursing homes in New Mexico putting profits over patients?

Source: David Martin, Al Jazeera America, August 6, 2015

Pineda wasn’t the only Casa Real resident to suffer. A 134-page complaint filed by the state of New Mexico in April 2015 alleges residents at the nursing home went hungry because they couldn’t feed themselves, fell because they couldn’t get assistance, and languished for hours in soiled bedding and clothes.  Casa Real is one of seven New Mexico nursing homes named in the state’s complaint, along with their current and former owners, Preferred Care Partners and Cathedral Rock, Inc. (At the time Pineda was admitted to Casa Real, the nursing home was still owned by Cathedral Rock.) The state alleges that the companies deliberately kept staffing levels dangerously low, all the while billing the government for services that were not provided and reaping millions in profits. … Since 2008, the seven nursing homes named in New Mexico’s complaint have generated more than $236 million in revenue, with almost 80 cents on the dollar coming from Medicare and Medicaid, the lawsuit says.  Preferred Care Partners, which purchased the nursing homes from Cathedral Rock in 2012 and is the 12th largest nursing home chain in the U.S., said in a statement that it “stands by the care it provides to New Mexico’s frail elderly and the dedication and commitment of compassionate staff who consider long-term care an honorable profession.”