School official claims auto repair shop overcharged MCSD

Source: WRBL, July 1, 2015

Columbus Police say they are conducting an investigation to see if fraud was committed after someone from the school district contacted them. The investigation involves allegations that an auto repair shop overcharged the Muscogee County School District by more than $12,000. News 3’s Sarah Panko talked to the Columbus lawyer who says he brought these concerns to the school district months ago. Last August, Charlie Miller says his client came to him with concerns over a school bus air conditioning bid with the school district. …. Millers goes on to say that he filed a request for invoices and found that Moseley Auto Repair billed the district for more than the 12% parts mark-up that they agreed on in the bid. In some cases, Miller says he saw a mark-up of more than 800% on one item. ….