Manchester Shelter To Close Rather Than Admit People Who Are Drunk Or On Drugs

Source: Jesse Leavenworth, Hartford Courant, April 15, 2015

Rather than comply with a state directive to admit homeless people who are active alcohol- and drug-abusers, the organization that runs the local emergency shelter will close the 40-bed facility by July 1. The board of directors of the Manchester Area Conference of Churches Charities decided recently to decline state money for the Main Street shelter, MACC Executive Director Beth Stafford said Wednesday. Funding from the state Department of Housing — $174,000 of the total $330,000 shelter budget — would be contingent on the shelter’s admitting people who are actively drinking and using drugs beginning with the next fiscal year, Stafford said. … The state is not requiring shelters to admit anyone who is an obvious safety risk, DiLella said. However, in some cases, shelter staff have sent homeless people to the emergency room who were under the legal blood-alcohol limit to drive, he said….