City-run Internet services still in limbo after FCC vote

Source: Allan Holmes, Center for Public Integrity, March 3, 2015

Cities must wait for FCC ruling and likely court fight before knowing if they can expand public Internet service.

Behind the municipal broadband battle
Source: Allan Holmes, Jared Bennett, Center for Public Integrity, February 14, 2015

A conversation with Center reporter Allan Holmes about the people, politics and money behind city-run broadband laws.

What do you really know about the way the Internet works?
How did it get to you?
Who built the infrastructure behind it?
Who makes decisions about its future?

These are some of the questions Center for Public Integrity reporter Allan Holmes wanted to answer recently when he traveled to Tullahoma, Tennessee, and Fayetteville, North Carolina, for Reveal radio.

These two cities are battlegrounds, pitting big telecommunications companies against cities that want to build their own high speed Internet service in a fight playing out in State houses, ballot boxes and, ultimately, desktops across the country.