Portage council rescinds vote to have city manager study privatizing assessing

Source: Tom Haroldson, MLive.com, May 14, 2013

There will be no study of outsourcing assessing in Portage. The Portage City Council vote in April to have the city administration study the option of privatizing assessing operations was rescinded by the council Tuesday night after it received a legal opinion on the council’s prior vote… “I do not want the city manager and his staff…to spend another second of time dancing around this issue that has cost the city taxpayers over $100,000 since it began. I want the city manager to get back to managing the city and not have to defend himself on a vendetta against the city assessor’s office.”… The request for the city administration to look into privatizing or outsourcing assessing rather than have a city assessor’s department also angered City Manager Maurice Evans at the April 23 meeting. He called it “micromanaging” and a “relentless attack and vendetta,” among other things….