Maryland: Another City Forced To Refund Illegal Photo Tickets

Source:, May 16, 2013

Hagerstown, Maryland forced to cancel and refund 808 illegal speed camera tickets. Laurel could be next.

Calibration certificateHagerstown, Maryland announced Wednesday that it would refund 808 illegally issued speed camera tickets. Brekford Corporation mailed the citations between the end of December and January using three automated ticketing machines that failed to meet the certification requirements of state law….In December, Baltimore was forced to issue refunds for photo radar tickets after Xerox, the company that operates the cameras on the city’s behalf, admitted that 5.2 percent of the tickets were issued based on bogus radar readings (view report).

The Maryland Drivers Alliance is encouraging ticket recipients in the state to file a public information act request for the calibration certificates before paying any fines. The group provides a sample request form on its website and offers to assist motorists in understanding the documents….