Health Department investigates Rural Metro “fraud’ involving paramedic certification

Source: CNYCentral, May 8, 2013

Investigators with the New York State Health Department are looking into allegations against Rural Metro Medical Services in Syracuse. A source close to the investigation tells investigative reporter Jim Kenyon it involves whether some EMT’s and Paramedics may have been fraudulently recertified without the required training. …

…Last fall, Rural Metro conducted an internal investigation into a number of claims of wrongdoing by employees at the Syracuse office. In a lengthy and detailed complaint to Rural Metro’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, a group of employees called the Rural Metro Supervisory Team asked for a probe of:
– “Fraud” related to the New York State EMT and Paramedic recertification program
– Illegal phone tapping and a violation of privacy
– Sexual harassment
– Workplace violence and anger management issues
– Substance abuse
– Hostile work environment….