Foulger Responds To Reported Defects In Silver Spring Transit Center

Source: Martin Di Caro, WAMU, March 28, 2013
The general contractor leading the construction of the Silver Spring Transit Center is publicly defending itself against charges of responsibility for building defects in the delayed transit hub, pointing to evidence that it followed Montgomery County’s design plans…. In its rebuttal to the county’s claims, Foulger Pratt is zeroing in on the facility’s concrete pour strips that the county’s investigation said lacked proper reinforcement. The contractor contends all concrete was poured in compliance with design documents. …
Silver Spring Transit Center’s inspectors ran poor concrete tests, report says
Source: Bill Turque, Washington Post, March 26, 2013

The firm hired by Montgomery County to perform field inspections on the Silver Spring Transit Center improperly tested the strength of concrete, apparently failed to measure its thickness and didn’t raise sufficient concerns when the concrete started to crack, according to independent engineers and county officials. …. The apparent lack of rigorous inspection has sparked discussion about the county’s practice of outsourcing the critical task to independent contractors.

Silver Spring Transit Center unsafe and unusable without major repairs, officials say
Source: Bill Turque, Washington Post, March 19, 2013

A series of design and construction failures — including inadequate concrete strength and a lack of reinforcing steel — have left the Silver Spring Transit Center unsafe and unusable without major repairs, Montgomery County officials said Tuesday.

The problems go far beyond what was previously known and will keep the opening of the $112 million bus-and-train hub, already two years behind schedule, on hold indefinitely. Officials could not say how much it would cost to fix the issues or who would be liable.

The report, commissioned by the county from KCE Structural Engineers, attributed the problems to “errors and omissions” by the designer, Parsons Brinckerhoff; the general contractor, Foulger-Pratt; an inspections firm, Robert B. Balter Co.; and other subcontractors…

…The cracking was compounded because concrete in various parts of the second level was not up to specifications, according to the report. Tests showed that concrete used by a subcontractor hired by Foulger-Pratt had a strength of 6,970 pounds per square inch. The contract called for a strength of 8,000 psi. The concrete was also not thick enough at various locations.

Most alarming, county officials said, was the absence of reinforcing steel in two critical 10-foot-by-40-foot slabs in the center of the bus roadway. Had the lack of steel gone undetected, the roadway could have failed, dislodging large chunks of concrete from the first-floor ceiling onto pedestrians and vehicles below, county officials said. KCE placed this failure directly on Foulger-Pratt…..

Taxpayers Won’t Foot The Bill For Silver Spring Transit Center, Officials Say
Source: Martin Di Caro, WAMU, March 21, 2013

A new report revealed extensive structural problems with the Silver Spring Transit Center, but County Executive Isiah Leggett says the contractor is on the hook for repairs, not county taxpayers.

Report: Silver Spring Transit Center dangerous
Source: Kate Jacobson, Washington Examiner, March 19, 2013