Concord School District puts food service privatization on hold

Source: Kathleen Ronayne, Monitor, April 16, 2013

Food service employees in the Concord School District will keep their jobs for at least another year, as administrators have put possible privatization on hold for now. .. Administrators told the cooks one reason they were holding off for a year is because they felt that they didn’t give the workers enough notice, Byrne said. But Dunn said the main reason for the delay is that they need more time to research privatization and study the state of the current program.
Concord school administrators consider privatizing food services
Source: Kathleen Ronayne, Monitor, April 3, 2013

The Concord School District is exploring the possible benefits of privatizing its food services, a move that is drawing sharp criticism from employees even in its early stages. …. A private company, such as Cafe Services or Chartwells, may have more money and better resources to comply with new federal regulations on lunch offerings and for marketing and education.