NYPL, Brooklyn Merge Technical Services

Source: Meredith Schwartz, Library Journal, February 22, 2013

The New York Public Library (NYPL) and Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) will integrate their tech services departments, the libraries announced last week, saving BPL $2 million per year and NYPL about $1.5 million….The plan was developed at the behest of New York City, which initially called all three of the city’s library systems together and tasked them with finding ways to cooperate and share money, Platt told LJ. But while the Queens Public Library was part of the original conversation, ultimately it implemented separate cost savings instead, so it will not be part of the Book Ops project. The libraries will consolidate their book buying, collection management, selection, acquisition, cataloging, processing, and delivery functions. As a result, some 27 positions will be eliminated—but no actual staff members will be laid off. The systems were able to absorb the consolidation entirely via past and planned attrition….