Wisconsin: State could sue cleaning couple over Capitol damage

Source: Associated Press, February 11, 2013

…Workers for Peterson Cleaning Inc. of Rockford, Ill., stained about 100 marble stones in August before the work was halted, said Paula Veltum, an official in the Department of Administration’s facilities management division. Veltum told a meeting of the State Capitol and Executive Residence Board that chemical testing of milky white markings on the stone suggested battery acid had leaked from a Peterson cleaning machine. State workers began polishing the stained marble, most of it on the ground floor near the Rotunda, last week. It’s expected to take up to two months to restore, at an estimated cost of more than $16,000.

Cleaning company fired after allegedly damaging or staining marble floors in state Capitol
Source: Wisconsin State Journal, December 22, 2012

State officials have fired a cleaning company they believe may have damaged or stained marble floors in the Capitol, said Wisconsin Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis. The damage appears to have occurred when a cleaning solution or other liquid leaked from a floor-scrubbing machine operated by the contractor, Marquis said. The department has brought in a new contractor.

Wisconsin Capitol contractor fired for staining marble
Source: Associated Press, December 23, 2012

…A message left with the department over the weekend seeking the name of the contractor was not immediately returned….