Consider Poverty, Minority Status: Little Difference Between Charters, Non-Charters, Researcher Says

Source: Gina Jordan, NPR, State Impact, January 3, 2013

… The finance professor who found Florida charter schools are not on a par with traditional schools is back with more research. Dr. Stanley Smith with the University of Central Florida analyzed the high school grades that were released last month. … When the income level and minority status is controlled, the difference between charters and non-charters decreases from 4.37 to 0.43 percent, which is not a statistically significant difference,” Smith said. “These adjusted results indicate that high school charters perform as well, but not significantly different, as high school non-charters,” Smith said.

… Results from an earlier study by Smith found that traditional elementary schools outperform charters when minorities and income levels are considered. (A report by the Florida Department of Education had very different results. You can read it here.) …