Low Price Technically Acceptable: How Do Vendors Respond?

Source: Steve Foshee, Onvia, September 19, 2012

In this online presentation, Steve Foshee, Co-Founder of i4C Wins, LLC. will discuss the emerging trend of LPTA (Low Price Technically Acceptable) evaluation criteria and specific pricing techniques vendors can use to respond and ultimately secure the win.
running time: 46 min
The webinar covers:
• Government agencies respond to budget pressures by adopting LPTA
• Misconceptions of LPTA
• How to respond and influence to win

From the PowerPoint presentation:
– A few years back “Best Value” became the new evaluation tool allowing agencies to pick whoever they wanted with relative disregard for price – keeping favored vendors
– Low Price Technically Acceptable has been around since the beginning of time for commodity buys and pure rate card considerations
– Now with budget pressures LPTA is being applied in areas that cause challenges to the agencies and vendors – agencies get stuck with vendors they may not want

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