O-H-I-O Kick Out Sodexo!

Source: Kick Out Sodexo!, United Students Against Sweatshops, February 4, 2011
Video by Will Delphia, 2nd camera Bryan MacCormack, voiceover by Beastie Salih.

Students and community leaders march on the offices of Gordon E. Gee, President of the Ohio State University, during the 2011 National Conference of United Students Against Sweatshops.

As the highest-paid public university administrator, at the largest university in the country, President Gee has refused to even discuss the severe human rights violations by major OSU contractor, Sodexo.

The action kicked off with a flash mob in OSU’s library, where this public university spent an outrageous $109 million renovating in the last 3 years, while at the same time raising students’ tuition and allowing workers to struggle with poverty wages and unaffordable healthcare options.

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