Equal Opportunity Or Gender Inequality? Women’s Perceptions On Obtaining Leadership Positions In Human Services Nonprofit Organizations

Source: Amber Marie Gutierrez, A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of California State Polytechnic University – Pomona, 2021

The results of this study found the four most common barriers limiting women’s obtainment to leadership positions in human services nonprofit organizations were wages and pay negotiations, male perceptions, boards of directors, and self-doubt. The first three barriers related to current literature, and the barrier of self-doubt was a new finding. Therefore, the importance of women being able to overcome the barrier of self-doubt was explained. The researcher then recommended nonprofit organizations should create female-led mentorship programs and described how this process could begin and which persons could recruit women to join. This study confirmed the glass ceiling is still present in today’s nonprofit sector and the researcher offered suggestions for future research to continue exploring this issue.