Launches Dispute Financing Library

Source: Center on Civil Justice at NYU School of Law, 2019

From the press release:
The Center on Civil Justice at NYU School of Law has launched a comprehensive digital library of documents relating the third-party litigation funding industry.

The third-party litigation funding industry is young and growing quickly in size and importance. Its supporters maintain the industry, when run properly, provides needed resources to improve the delivery of civil and commercial justice. The industry has also attracted significant detractors. There is a need for careful, comprehensive, independent analysis of and reporting about the industry.

A threshold need is to establish a neutral, quality repository for the collection of information and data about the industry. The Library includes information supplied by both supporters and critics, and it is freely available to the public. From statutes and case law to journal articles and bar reports, from best practices to news stories, the Library contains the documents needed for industry insiders to conduct their business and for industry outsiders to learn as much as possible.