Worksheet: Plan Your March on the Boss

Source: Ryan Olds, Labor Notes, June 7, 2018

Marches on the boss come in different flavors. Some are spontaneous, as in Auriana Fabricatore’s story where a “mini-march” got great results. She was smart to encourage her co-workers to confront their manager immediately, while they were fired up with righteous anger—if they had set a date for next week, nervous jitters might have set in.

In other cases you’ll want to plan ahead, to get more people involved and maximize impact. Your action should be well planned but quick, before management finds out or members lose interest.

The tone of the confrontation can vary too, depending on your workplace culture, how strongly your co-workers feel about the issue, and how they feel about the boss. You may want a lighter touch—making your point respectfully, attempting a sit-down meeting, or delivering documents for the boss to review. Or your group may be ready for a more aggressive tone—showing anger, blocking the exits so the boss can’t run away, and timing the march to disrupt operations.

How We Marched on Our Boss
Source: Auriana Fabricatore, Labor Notes, June 7, 2018