5 Ways Parks Provide a Return on Investment

Source: Isabel Munson and Ed Krafcik, Cities Speak, September 15, 2016

Parks and public spaces are an integral part of the atmosphere and culture of a city or town. More than that, though, they have a massive positive financial impact – one that is generally overlooked…
Smart Parks
Source: Soofa, Smart Cities Research Series, March 2016

In our work with cities across the U.S. we identified a need for better tools to measure the positive impact of parks. We believe that with the right technology and data, park users and park champions can be empowered to do a better job communicating the value of parks, and achieving the goals of parks departments.

We created this white paper to emphasize the scale of parks’ influence and the importance of innovating in public space. Turning to technology and new uses for parks will be of even greater importance as parks fight for funding due to budget cuts and aging infrastructure needs.