The Scandal of Voter Suppression in America

Source: William John Cox, Global Research, February 29, 2016

Ostensibly, universal voting is the ideal of a free and democratic republic; however, barriers have been placed between many citizens and the ballot box ever since the creation of the United States. Many of these obstacles, such as property ownership and the racially-biased poll tax, have been removed. They are, however, being replaced by voter identification (ID) laws and other voter suppression schemes designed to discourage and prevent many, otherwise eligible voters from participating in elections. Voter suppression takes many forms and—in its aggregate—could allow the election of a president in the November 2016 election who is not the choice of the American People…. The most successful electoral subversion results from voter ID laws passed in many states in the past 15 years. These laws have been enacted—purportedly— to prevent voter fraud, in which an ineligible voter impersonates an eligible voter. Typically, these laws require the presentation of photographic identification, such as a driver’s license or passport in order to vote. In truth, these laws are a blatant stratagem to prevent the political opposition from voting….

UPDATE: Dems respond to US Rep. Grothman comment on voter ID law
Source: WMTV, April 6, 2016

Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman was being interviewed in Milwaukee last night on how Republicans will fare in the November general election. His controversial remarks are what have people talking.
“You know that a lot of Republicans, since 1984 in the presidential races, have not been able to win in Wisconsin,” WTMJ Charles Benson said. “Why would it be any different for Ted Cruz, or a Donald Trump?”
“I think Hillary Clinton is the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up and now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID will make a little difference as well,” Congressman Grothman responded.
His comments have been resonating across the state today, causing a lot of back and forth between views.
It seems what both sides of the aisle were at odds about, while the voter ID law was passed almost 5 years ago, are resurfacing again….

If You Think Voter ID Is About Voter Fraud, This Republican Congressman Has News For You
by Aaron Rupar, Think Progress, April 6, 2016

Voter Identification Laws and the Suppression of Minority Votes
Source: Zoltan Hajnal, Nazita Lajevardi, Lindsay Nielson, University of California – San Diego, [2016]

The Most Brazen Attempt at Voter Suppression Yet
Source: Jamelle Bouie, Slate, October 29, 2014
New revelations show GOP officials in key battleground states are attempting to purge millions of minorities from the voter rolls.

Republicans Admit Voter-ID Laws Are Aimed at Democratic Voters
Source: Jamelle Bouie, Daily Beast, August 28, 2013