Worker Cooperatives Are More Productive Than Normal Companies

Source: Michelle Chen, The Nation, March 28, 2016
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When maximizing profits isn’t the only goal, companies can actually work better. …. By prioritizing worker autonomy, co-ops provide more sustainable long-term employment, but not only because worker-owners seek to protect their own livelihoods. If a company runs into economic distress, Perotin says, co-ops are generally more adept at preserving jobs while planning longer-term adjustments to the firm’s operations, such as slowing down expansion to maintain current assets—whereas traditional corporations may pay less attention to strategic planning and simply shed jobs to tighten budgets….

What do we really know about worker co-operatives?
Source: Virginie Pérotin, Co-operatives UK, 2016
From the abstract:
This new piece of research by Professor Virginie Pérotin of Leeds University Business School looks at two decades’ worth of international data on worker owned co-operatives.It confirms that worker co-operatives offer an appealing option that gives the people working there ownership, involvement and a degree of job security in what are often high performing and productive businesses. Employee ownership and control, in a successful enterprise… who could ask for more than that?