The Future of Young Latino Voters in the South

Source: Allie Yee, Institute for Southern Studies, February 2016

From the summary:
As Southern states prepare for a string of 2016 presidential primaries, a new Institute for Southern Studies report finds that young Latino voters are a growing demographic in the South’s increasingly diverse electorate.

“The Future of Young Latino Voters in the South” estimates that more than 1.6 million young Latinos who are citizens living in Southern states will turn 18 by 2020, boosting the clout of the region’s Latino electorate in the coming years.

While Latino communities have grown rapidly across the South, their voting power has been constrained in past years by the fact that many lack citizenship status, and that about a third are youth under the age of 18.

But the Institute’s analysis of Census data reveals that 94 percent of Latinos under 18 currently living in the South are citizens, and they will become eligible to vote in significant numbers in the coming years.
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