Supreme Court Citation Networks

Source: The Free Law Project and the University of Baltimore School of Law, 2016

With this free tool you can analyze and study lines of Supreme Court cases by creating citation networks. You can quickly access the full text of all the opinions in your citation network as well as examine all the associated case data from Supreme Court Database (Spaeth). Citation networks are visualized graphically and underlying data is also presented in sortable tables. You can save your networks, edit and comment upon them, and share them too. You can even embed interactive network visualizations in your website or blog. Learn more by looking below at our gallery of shared networks or by making one yourself. … In addition to showing the citation relationship between cases, this tool also leverages data about the cases available in the Supreme Court Database (Spaeth). Specifically, the tool visualizes Spaeth data concerning the decision direction of cases (liberal v. conservative) and vote count (9-0, 8-1, etc). Links to the complete text of all opinions and links to the complete Spaeth data for a given case are also provided. ….
SCOTUS Visualization Project Shows Lines of Cases — Literally
Source: Robert Ambrogi, LawSites blog, February 23, 2016