Generation Debt

Source: Mike Konczal, Disent, Fall 2015
The political battle over higher education is everywhere. As Republican state governors push to dismantle their state school systems, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have proposed using federal dollars to expand debt-free higher education. Across the globe, from Canada to England to Australia to Chile, students have bravely confronted police violence as they fight against the defunding and privatization of higher education.

Achieving debt-free public higher education is an important goal for society as a whole and the left in particular. Education is a human right, and anyone who is willing and able should be able to attend an institution of higher education irrespective of their ability to pay for it. Public disinvestment in education needs to be challenged, because changing the very nature of higher education and exacerbating inequality even further is more than a budgetary matter…..
The Case Against Free College
Source: Matt Bruenig, Disent, Fall 2015

Why Free College Is Necessary
Source: Tressie McMillan Cottom, Disent, Fall 2015