Examining the Work Ethic of Correctional Officers Using a Short Form of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile

Source: C. Allen Gorman, John P. Meriac, The Prison Journal, Vol. 96 no. 2, March 2016
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From the abstract:
The work ethic construct has seen increased research attention in recent years and has been applied to a host of different settings. In this study, the work ethic of correctional officers (COs) was examined. Compared with other occupational samples, COs generally endorsed higher levels of work ethic across several of the dimensions. Also, we found that the measurement properties of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Scale–Short Form (MWEP-SF) were comparable to those presented in previous studies. Implications for future research and the relevance of work ethic in a corrections context are discussed. In addition, study limitations and future directions are addressed.