The Labor Prospect: What to Watch in 2016

Source: Justin Miller, American Prospect, January 5, 2016

After a banner year of labor victories, 2016 may have an even bigger impact on workers. ….

The year 2015 was widely regarded as a reinvigorating one for the labor movement, with federal administrative rulings and local minimum wage ordinances breaking workers’ way. Last year, however, merely set the stage for a much more consequential 2016. This year could either go very badly or very well, depending on a whole host of labor prospects.

The year 2016 could be the one that a majority of the United States becomes right-to-work. It will be the year that the Supreme Court decides one of the most consequential union cases in decades. While the Obama administration’s labor legacy was polished in 2015 with new Department of Labor rules and a blockbuster NLRB decision, 2016 could see even more such rulings. The elephant in the room—the Trans-Pacific Partnership—could tarnish Obama’s labor record, though the trade deal’s passage is more uncertain than ever. And finally, what will happen with the Fight for 15 this year? Will it maintain its surging momentum, or will it wither?….