SCOTUS v. the American worker: The upcoming Supreme Court case that could explode inequality

Source: Liz Kennedy, Salon, January 8, 2016

The Roberts court will hear oral arguments on Monday in a case that could determine the future of organized labor. …. The case, Friedrichs v. CTA, is ostensibly about one teacher’s right to not join her teachers union, but that choice is already available to any worker everywhere in America. This case is really just another attack on workers’ ability to join together and make their voices heard…… The true force behind the case is the Center for Individual Rights, a group that has driven it on a frenzied course through the legal system since filing suit in the district court in April 2013. The group, funded by the Koch brothers and others determined to continue manipulating the rules of our economy — and our democracy — fast-tracked the case through the district and 9th circuit courts to bring it to Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court, which will hear oral arguments on Monday. …..