Salaries of Members of Congress: Recent Actions and Historical Tables

Source: Ida A. Brudnick, Congressional Research Service, CRS Report, 97-1011, December 23, 2015

Congress is required by Article I, Section 6, of the Constitution to determine its own pay. In the past, Congress periodically enacted specific legislation to alter its pay; the last time this occurred affected pay in 1991. More recently, pay has been determined pursuant to laws establishing formulas for automatic adjustments. ….. This report contains information on the pay procedure and actions and freezes since the last pay adjustment in 2009. It also contains historical information on the rate of pay for Members of Congress since 1789; the adjustments projected by the Ethics Reform Act as compared to actual adjustments in Member pay; details on past legislation enacted with language prohibiting the annual pay adjustment; and Member pay in constant and current dollars since 1992…..
Salaries of Members of Congress: Congressional Votes, 1990-2015
Source: Ida A. Brudnick, Congressional Research Service, CRS Report, 97-615, December 23, 2015

Money begets money: For many lawmakers, salary is secondary
Source: Sarah Bryner, OpenSecrets Blog, January 6, 2016

Year after year, data shows that Congress is a millionaire’s club. That’s true even though members make “only” $174,000 a year, largely because many of them are wealthy before they’re elected. In fact, salary isn’t the top source of income for a large group of these lawmakers: Their pay is outstripped by the interest and capital gains they collect on their bank accounts, mutual funds and other financial holdings….. Interested in how much your own member of Congress made from his or her money? Explore the data here. All numbers are minimums, because congressional financial disclosure forms require lawmakers to report their assets and liabilities in ranges rather than exact amounts. The actual totals may be larger…..