Conservative Myths on Minimum Wage Have Dangerous Implications

Source: Duncan Hosie, Huffington Post, January 14, 2016

…In 2012, 10 states voted to raise minimum wage. Did the “number of jobless people” increase in all of those states over the November 2012 to November 2015 period? No. In fact, it increased in none of those states. Zero out of ten. …

Specifically, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington all voted to raise their state minimum wages in November 2012. And every single one had a lower unemployment rate in November 2015 than in November 2012.

If raising the minimum wage hurts unemployment severely, as conservatives claim, why is unemployment plunging in these 10 states?

Overall, the net change in unemployment in these 10 states roughly matched the overall national decline in unemployment. Half of these states — Florida, Ohio, Oregon Colorado, and Rhode Island — actually saw their net changes in unemployment rates from November 2012 to November 2015 drop more than the national net change of 2.7 per cent….