2016 State Report Cards

Source: Young Invincibles, Student Impact Project, January 2016

From the press release:
Young Invincibles has released its 3rd annual State Report Cards, grading each state on its support for public higher education. Young Invincibles looked at how each state makes higher education an accessible opportunity for its students, factoring and indexing dozens of metrics including rises in tuition, financial burden on families, and funding of need-based financial aid.

New this year, Young Invincibles also analyzed minority attainment gaps in each state. Education is a driver of socio-economic mobility and may be the best avenue to foster social and racial justice; yet disturbingly, the national higher education attainment gap has grown for both Latinos and African Americans.

Key findings include:
– Slashed budgets: Forty-eight states spend less per student on higher education than they did prior to the recession (all but Alaska and North Dakota).
– Skyrocketing tuition: Tuition is up $1,868, or 28 percent, since 2008 – that’s over twice the rate of inflation.
– Racial inequality: 18 states failed our new measure of racial attainment equity. Nationally between 2007 and 2015, the higher education attainment gap between white non-Hispanic adults and Latinos grew by 2.2 percentage points, and the gap for African Americans widened by 0.4 points.
– Failures: 19 states received an overall grade of F. This number of failing states is up from 11 last year.