This is the media’s real bias — pro-business, pro-corporate, pro-CEO

Source: James Berger, Salon, October 30, 2015

Republicans laughably mock CNBC debate moderators. The business press favors business — there are no labor pages. … Why is it that there’s not a “Labor Section,” a “Labor Network,” an NPR show called “Workplace”? …. This does not involve plotting or conspiracy. That’s not how the reality-making business works. It’s about shared assumptions about what is natural, about what makes sense, about what is obvious and doesn’t even need to be said. ….

… We’re in a struggle–indeed, a very classic one between the investors, owners, managers, and rent-collectors of the world versus the people who work for them and pay their rents. And the former group, whom we can also call the reality-makers, are trying their best to deny that there is any struggle taking place at all. … It will take struggle, it will take work, to put work, labor, and especially organized labor back into our shared reality. …

….Right now, I’ll just say that there can be no successful progressive movement in this country that is not closely linked to organized labor. Unions have the organizing ability, the trained personnel, the commitment (in many though not all cases) to social justice, and they have some money–not like corporate money, but more than anyone else on the Left. To accomplish this, unions must commit themselves to organizing communities outside the traditional workplaces, must work to create community-labor alliances, and must more seriously enter the struggle to remake our shared reality. We cannot allow the world-view of business and markets to continue to prevail across the media. The hard, hard work of grassroots organizing, the efforts on the ground to improve the lives of working people, the building of a social justice movement with real power… all this will become just a little easier if organized labor puts more of its resources into changing not just the realities of economic relations, but changing the conceptual reality–the shared sense of what is thinkable–that allows market values to be the dominant values and business news to be the only news…..