Repeal Section 14(b) of Taft-Hartley: A Strategy to Counter the Attacks on American Labor Unions

Source: Raymond L. Hogler, Labor Law Journal, Vol. 66 no. 3, Fall 2015
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… The time is now to repeal Section 14(b). As the 2016 national elections gear up, conservative candidates will run on platforms of weakening labor unions. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker attracted considerable attention when he boasted that facing down union activists qualified him to deal with international terrorists. In fact, Walker’s performance in Wisconsin has yielded abysmal results in terms of economic growth as the state’s enactment of a right to work law and generous corporate subsidies did not lead to improved job creation. Overwhelming empirical evidence disproves the basic claims of right to work proponents about economic development. What such laws do accomplish is lower union density and lower wages. Over the past four decades, American workers have experienced greater immiseration and a declining share of productive wealth. Through the power of collective bargaining, those trends can be reversed. The starting point is to correct the fundamental flaw of right to work…