Child care workers aren’t paid enough to make ends meet

Source: Elise Gould, Economic Policy institute, Issue Brief #405, November 5, 2015

From the introduction:
Despite the crucial nature of their work, child care workers’ job quality does not seem to be valued in today’s economy. They are among the country’s lowest-paid workers, and seldom receive job-based benefits such as health insurance and pensions. As with any other industry or occupation, paying decent wages and providing necessary benefits is essential to attract and retain the best workers.
This paper directly examines child care workers’ job quality, including how much they earn, whether they receive benefits on the job, and whether they and their families are able to make ends meet. Key findings include:
– Child care workers are 95.6 percent female, and are disproportionately workers of color.
– Child care workers receive very low pay.
– Child care workers rarely receive job-based benefits.
– Child care workers have a harder time making ends meet than workers in other occupations.
– Many preschool and child care workers cannot afford child care for their own children….
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