Death of the Desk Job

Source: Softchoice, 2015

From the press release:
Employees want more freedom over where and when they work and they’re willing to quit to get it, according to a new study by Softchoice, a leading North American IT solutions and managed services provider. The study, titled Death of the Desk Job, found 78 percent of employees highly value the ability to access work from outside the office, and 70 percent would leave their job for one that offers more workday flexibility, including the ability to work remotely more often. ….

…..Death of the Desk Job surveyed 1,700 North American full-time employees to understand how the traditional workday is changing based on employee preferences, and what role technology is playing in this evolution. The study found 55 percent of employees have more flexible work hours than they did two-to-three years ago. In addition, 75 percent of employees said they’re able to keep more family, social and personal commitments because they can remotely access work anytime they need.

Additional highlights from the study include:
• Employees don’t think their desk, or even their office, is where they do their best work:
62 percent of employees believe they’re more productive working outside the office.
• The 9-to-5 workday is passé: 61 percent of employees prefer working the equivalent of an eight hour workday broken up over a longer day, rather than in a single 9-to-5 block.
• Out of Office Alert! Has technology made us too accessible? 57 percent of employees work remotely on personal or sick days, and 44 percent of employees worked on their last vacation.
• Most organizations are enabling a mobile workforce, but not governing one: 59 percent of employees receive a device from their employer for work in and out the office, however, just 24 percent of organizations have set clear policies and expectations around appropriate work activities after business hours. ….