Strengthening the Library’s Strategic Role – Prepare to Focus on Public Access Technology

Source: Rashad Young and Susan Benton, PM Magazine, Vol. 97 no. 8, September 2015

Technology has become essential to success and progress in daily life, and public libraries are go-to resources for digital access and trusted guides in the increasingly complex digital world. Today, no other institution rivals the significance of public libraries as technology gateways providing a wide range of resources that meet personal and professional needs, support local economies, and build stronger communities.

The breadth of public technology services available in libraries is growing exponentially, placing increased pressure on library budgets and staff to not only keep abreast of community needs and changing technologies, but also to plan for the future.

As the library’s strategic role in the community expands, being able to assess the scope and effectiveness of library services, measure outcomes, and make informed decisions about future investments becomes even more important for library directors and local government managers.