States Serving Veterans

Source: Capitol Ideas, Vol. 58 no. 4, July-August 2015

Articles include:
Addressing Mental Health
by Debra Miller
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental health concerns can make the transition to civilian life hard for those coming home from war. But states are creating new programs and services to help make that readjustment easier.

Women Veterans
by Jennifer Ginn
Women have fought for and earned the right to serve alongside men in combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. New state programs aim to ensure that women soldiers also receive equal treatment and programming when they come back home.

Veteran Legislators
by Jennifer Ginn
The number of active duty military members or veterans in Congress has been shrinking for decades. We asked three state legislators how their service in the military has affected them as policymakers and hat they think this tend of veterans missing from capitols means for states.