Optimization of municipal solid waste collection and transportation routes

Source: Swapan Das, Bidyut Kr. Bhattacharyya, Waste Management, Volume 43, September 2015
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From the abstract:
Optimization of municipal solid waste (MSW) collection and transportation through source separation becomes one of the major concerns in the MSW management system design, due to the fact that the existing MSW management systems suffer by the high collection and transportation cost. Generally, in a city different waste sources scatter throughout the city in heterogeneous way that increase waste collection and transportation cost in the waste management system. Therefore, a shortest waste collection and transportation strategy can effectively reduce waste collection and transportation cost. In this paper, we propose an optimal MSW collection and transportation scheme that focus on the problem of minimizing the length of each waste collection and transportation route. We first formulize the MSW collection and transportation problem into a mixed integer program. Moreover, we propose a heuristic solution for the waste collection and transportation problem that can provide an optimal way for waste collection and transportation. Extensive simulations and real testbed results show that the proposed solution can significantly improve the MSW performance. Results show that the proposed scheme is able to reduce more than 30% of the total waste collection path length.

• Profitable integrated solid waste management system.
• Optimal municipal waste collection scheme between the sources and waste collection centres.
• Optimal path calculation between waste collection centres and transfer stations.
• Optimal waste routing between the transfer stations and processing plants.