On Track: How States Fund and Support Public Transportation

Source: Kevin Pula, Douglas Shinkle, Jaime Rall, National Conference of State Legislatures, August 2015

From the summary:
The role states and particularly state legislatures play in supporting and funding public transportation typically is not a well-understood dynamic. This report highlights the many successful state efforts to provide high-quality transit options, with an emphasis on state legislative actions. Many states use common funding sources to support transit: motor fuel taxes, state transportation funds, general funds and automobile-related fees or taxes. Many states are taking further steps to create alternative funding and finance mechanisms for public transportation. While the most common state-level support for public transportation comes in the form of funding, other types of program support exist.

State actions are organized into five categories in this report:
• Organizational/Structural
• Funding
• Finance
• Polices
• State/Local Nexus’

Throughout the report, specific state programs and initiatives are examined in detail to explore traditional, innovative and emerging methods of state support for public transportation.