Good Jobs Are Back: College Graduates Are First in Line

Source: Anthony P. Carnevale, Tamara Jayasundera, Artem Gulish, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2015

From the summary:
The growth of U.S. jobs and wages during the recovery is analyzed in Good Jobs Are Back: College Graduates Are First in Line. The findings show that since 2010, the economy has produced 6.6 million employment opportunities. Out of these career opportunities, 2.9 million are considered good jobs. The key finding revealed that 2.8 million good jobs went to college graduates. Some of the largest growing professions seek high-skilled workers and offer large benefits packages. Most good jobs are full time and twice as likely to provide health insurance and retirement plans. The competitive wages and good benefits of these good jobs offer created a healthy job market during the recovery.

Key Findings:
Eighty-six percent of workers in good jobs are full-time; 68 percent of good jobs provide health insurance; and 61 percent of good jobs include an employer-sponsored retirement plan

Managers, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and healthcare professionals account for the majority of growth in the good jobs tier.

Middle-wage Jobs
Middle-wage jobs have not fully recovered, remaining 900,000 jobs below their pre-recession employment levels.

Low-wage Jobs
Low-wage jobs pay $32,000 or less but comprise only 27 percent (1.8 million) of the jobs added after the recession.
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