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Source: Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, 2015

Where is my physician licensed?
Where did my physician go to medical school?
Has my physician been disciplined by a licensing board?

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) announced today that it has launched a free online resource to provide consumers with important background information on the more than 900,000 actively licensed physicians in the United States, including whether or not a physician has been disciplined by a state medical board. The Docinfo physician search tool draws data from the FSMB’s Physician Data Center, the nation’s most comprehensive database of physician licensure and disciplinary information. The Data Center is regularly updated with information provided to the FSMB by its membership of 70 state medical and osteopathic boards, which license all U.S. physicians, and discipline several thousand physicians each year for unprofessional conduct, incompetence and other issues. The tool also includes data on thousands of physician assistants regulated by state medical boards.

What kind of information do these reports contain?
The FSMB physician search tool provides a query of the nationally consolidated database of actions reported to the FSMB by medical and osteopathic licensing boards.
Each DocInfo profile report includes these elements:
Name, Gender and location (City, State)
Medical specialty information provided by ABMS and the AOA
Physician’s medical school and year of graduation
States where the physician is actively licensed
If the physician has been disciplined by a particular state

How does FSMB collect the information?
The FSMB receives regular updates of disciplinary actions directly from its membership of 70 state medical boards.

How up to date is the information? How frequently is it updated?
DocInfo is updated on a monthly basis. If a physician has been disciplined by a state board within the last 30 days, this information may not be reflected in the DocInfo report.

How are the different types of information verified?
State medical boards have been sharing disciplinary information with one another via the Federation of State Medical Boards since the organization’s founding in 1912. The robust reporting systems developed between the FSMB and state medical boards during this century-long relationship help ensure the data residing in the Physician Data Center is highly accurate and comprehensive.
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