2015 Report on State Immigration Laws (January-June)

Source: Ann Morse, Gilberto Soria Mendoza, Leila Malow, Hannah Weigle, National Conference of State Legislatures, Immigrant Policy Project, July 31, 2015

From the introduction:
In the first half of 2015, enacted legislation related to immigration increased by 16 percent to 153 compared with 132 laws in 2014. The number of resolutions bounced back to 238 after last year’s sharp decline to 84. Lawmakers in 46 states and Puerto Rico enacted 153 laws and 238 resolutions related to immigration, for a total of 391. An additional 10 bills were vetoed by governors and 20 are pending signatures. Four states did not enact immigration-related legislation in the first half of 2015: Alaska, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Ohio. The increase can be explained in part because every state was in regular session in 2015, unlike 2014 when five states were not in session….
2015 Laws and Resolutions by State (PDF)
2015 Laws and Resolutions by Subject (PDF)