Worker-Skill Mismatch or Something Else?

Source: Daniel J.B. Mitchell, Employment Policy Research Network, Mitchell’s Musings, July 13, 2015

….Unlike unemployed worker skill erosion which occurs over time, no gradual change is involved on the employer side. So it could be that the skill that has eroded is not a worker skill but an employer skill. The lost skill – if that is the right word – is employer aggressiveness in recruitment. Employers, in this alternative story, have forgotten that it is sometimes necessary to reshape jobs to worker needs and skills, and to outbid other employers in terms of pay and conditions. If that demand-side explanation doesn’t suit you, here is another story, also on the demand side. Hiring can be loosely considered indefinite or temporary. Temp hiring can be done through an employment agency or directly by an employer. In either form, it puts the new hires on notice that their jobs are of short duration or are explicitly temporary…..