Virtual Labor Organizing – Could Technology Help Reduce Income Inequality?

Source: Mark Zuckerman, Richard D. Kahlenberg, and Moshe Z. Marvit, Century Foundation, 2015

….Due to a little-known, but far-reaching change made by the NLRB last year, virtual labor organizing by employees is now sanctioned by law in many situations and could possibly be transformative in the workplace.

Many employees want more clout at work—to leverage better pay and benefits, but also nonmonetary things, such as more predictable work schedules, or a stronger voice in workplace safety or procedures. And it is a good bet that many would join a union, if signing up were easier for workers to do, and harder for employers to stop.

The problem today is that joining a union at work is decidedly last century—clunky, contentious, confusing—and companies such as Walmart and McDonald’s want to keep it that way.

But virtual labor organizing could change that.

This report documents why joining a labor union is one of the best financial decisions a worker can make to boost individual and family wealth and describes how the creation of an online tool could assist employees who want to start a campaign to join a union at their workplace…..