Little things you can do 
to help in union-building

Source: American Federation of Teachers (AFT), PSRP Reporter, Spring 2015

Involved members are the strength of our union. Here are some ideas from PSRP activists on how to increase members’ engagement:
– Help make co-workers’ introduction to the union a really positive experience. Most people don’t know a whole lot about unions. Introduce yourself, explain your role in the union and note that our union sees their success as a priority.
– If they’re new to the job, offer a walking tour of the work site to introduce co-workers and to point out important locations, like restrooms, break rooms, union bulletin boards and emergency exits. Check in on them occasionally.
– Remember that many hands make light work. Share your union projects with other members. Never assume that if people are quiet, they don’t have the chops for a union role. They may be waiting for a chance to contribute.
– Ask fellow members lots of questions and share your firsthand knowledge, personal experiences and what you’ve come to know. Overcommunicate. Overextend yourself. There’s a reason we call each other “brothers and sisters.”
– Help solve problems together, before they escalate. We’re all in the same boat. It’s not the union. 
It’s our union.
– Dare to hope. Better campus processes are possible, from classroom to cafeteria to school grounds. Improvements that might seem hard for one employee to accomplish can happen when all of us act together.